Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount

  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
  • Kamerar Smartphone Cinema Mount
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The Cinema Mount is the world's most versatile lens mount and rig system that works with most phones in the market today. The spring loaded clamp ensures that a wide range of phones can be secured to a perfect fit with the Cinema Mount rig system.

The Cinema Mount's unique universal design can accommodate almost any phone in the market today. The adjustable rig combined with an adjustable lens mount allows you to position the lens to fit your needs.

Apple, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, OnePlus, etc.

The Cinema Mount's versatiliy is unmatched for a complete smartphone rig solution.

Each Rosewood Grip is CNC machined out of natural Siamese Rosewood sourced from Thailand. Each piece is hand polished, then treated with a special wax finish to ensure long term durability. The hand grip is ergonomically shaped to fit your hand perfectly for the best shooting experience.

The Cinema Mount is made from premium polycarbonate with durable aluminum rods and hardware. The spring-loaded clamp includes rubber pads to grip your phone securely and to prevent damage to your phone while in use.

The Wide Angle lens allows you to capture a much wider field of view than your phone's original lens. See more and get closer to your subjects with the Wide Angle lens. Remove the wide angle lens to reveal the Macro lens. Use the Macro lens to show details not easily seen with the naked eye.

Included are 2 Graduated Neutral Density (GND) square filters (blue and gray) and a filter adapter to mount the filters to your lens. Have total control over the light and color to achieve the perfect results. Capture scenes with broad dynamic range with the GND filters.

Package includes:

1- Cinema Mount (Universal Design)
1- Wide Angle Lens
1- Macro Lens
1- Filter Holder Adapter
1- Filter Holder
1- Graduated Blue Filter
1- Graduated Gray Filter
1- Cold Shoe Mount
1- Lens Cover

Item number: 641871789962

Reviews (1)
rating 5 (5 / 1 Reviews)

Sjors (05-04-2016) rating 5 Ongeloofelijk wat voor beelden je kunt draaien met je smartphone. Gebruik hem met mijn iphone 6 Plus en is werkelijk een toevoeging. Dank voor het heldere advies heren!

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